How to Export to RefWorks (UP-only Catalog)

RefWorks is a web-based system that helps you to create pre-formatted APA, MLA, Chicago (and more) style footnotes, in-text citations, and bibliographies.

  1. Search for your topic. From the search results screen, check the box(es) for the item(s) you wish to export. 
  2. Choose the Add Checked Items to My List button (just above or below the list of search results).  
  3. Choose the View My List button (at the top or bottom of the page).
  4. Choose Print or Email Items from My List.
  5. Under Format of List choose End-Note/RefWorks. Under Send List to, select Screen.  Choose the Submit button.
  6. A new page will open with your citations.  Highlight and copy all the text (but not the buttons) in this window (from the Edit menu, choose Select All, then choose the Edit menu again and choose Copy).
  7. Log in to RefWorks.
  8. Select References -> Import from the toolbar.
  9. On the Import References screen, choose the From Text link.
  10. From the drop-down menus, select:
    Import Filter/Data Source: Innovative Interfaces (Endnote/RefWorks Format)
    Database: University of Portland
  11. Click in the box beneath the drop-down menus, and paste in the formatted text that you previously copied.
  12. Choose the Import button. 
  13. Your references will be imported into RefWorks.