Fax Service

The Clark Library offers a general fax service for current faculty, staff, students, and alumni needing to send or receive faxes.

Sending Faxes

All faxes (including local, U.S., and international) cost $.50 per page. There is no charge for the cover sheet.

Cash or checks are accepted for personal faxes.

Faculty may charge business related faxes to departmental account numbers. Many departments have a fax machine for departmental faculty use so it may be more convenient to check that option before coming to the library.

Receiving Faxes

Faxes may be received at 503.943.7491. There is no charge to receive faxes in the library.

Because the fax is used by so many in the UP community it is important to insure that your complete name and department are on any faxes being sent to you via the library.

If you have questions about the fax service please call the Library Service Desk at 503.943.7111.