Clark Library Meeting Spaces Policy & Procedures

Booking of Library meeting spaces is currently suspended 

The following policy applies to the use of the Clark Library Conference Room, the Parberry Reading Room, the Library Classroom and the Digital Lab. There is a separate policy and procedure for group study room reservations, which can be reserved online at

Availability, Eligibility and Capacity

The University of Portland’s vision of the Clark Library as the intellectual commons for the campus is evident in the building’s many collaborative, flexible learning spaces. 

The Library welcomes UP faculty, staff, students, and groups affiliated with the University of Portland to hold meetings and other functions in the Clark Library when the facilities are not needed for classes, activities or programs sponsored by the Library. Requests for meeting space from outside groups working with the UP community may also be considered under this policy. In all cases, use of the space must occur only during open library hours and participants must adhere to library policies.

Clark Library spaces are not available for regularly scheduled classes, meetings or events over the course of a semester. Exceptions to this policy may be made on an individual basis, according to space availability.

Library Conference Room

The library has one large conference room on the second level. In scheduling the use of the Library Conference Room, priority is given to events and programs administered or sponsored by the Library and other programs at the University of Portland. Groups reserving this space must be larger than 4. Seating capacity is 20.

Parberry Reading Room

The Parberry Reading Room is primarily an open study space with seating available on a first-come, first served basis. However, this flexible space may be reserved for small special events such as author readings, sabbatical presentations, etc. Reservations for the use of this space are subject to approval from the Dean of the Library. Groups reserving this space must be larger than 10. Seating capacity is 25.   

Request and Scheduling Process (Library Conference Room and Parberry Room)

Please email requests to or call 503.943.7111. Please note that while we try to respond quickly, it may take up to three business days for Library staff to process reservation requests. 

Library Classroom

The primary purpose of the Library classroom is to support Information Literacy classes taught by Library faculty.  The Library Classroom is only available on a limited basis after the first six weeks of fall and spring terms (or the first 2 weeks of each summer term), and when the Classroom is not used for quiet study space. Faculty or staff may reserve the classroom for events when they will be present; students are not eligible to reserve the Library Classroom. Seating capacity is 40.

Request and Scheduling Process (Library Classroom)

Please email requests to or call 503.943.7788. Reservations for use of this space are subject to approval by the Reference and Instruction Librarians.

Digital Lab

The Digital Lab offers faculty, students, and staff the equipment and assistance to create multimedia projects. Faculty and staff may reserve the Main Lab for technical demonstrations, software workshops or instruction sessions. Groups reserving this space must be larger than 5. Seating capacity is 30.

Request and Scheduling Process (Digital Lab)

Please contact José Velazco, Digital Lab Coordinator, 503.943.7602 or to discuss availability. 


Food and Drink

Food and beverages may be served in the Clark Library. Catering at University of Portland is provided by Bon Appetit Management Company. If you need to order catering for your event, please call Bon Appetit at 503.943.7330 to make arrangements.

Meeting Times

Access to the space may not be available prior to the reservation time. If set-up time is needed, this must be noted in the reservation request to avoid conflicts with other reservations. Similarly, users are asked to be conscientious about adjourning on time and ensuring the cleanliness of the room as they leave. Any problems should be reported to the Service desk on the main floor.


Audio/visual equipment is available in the Library classroom and the conference room. Users may connect directly to the conference room monitor via HDMI or VGA cables. Cables are available to check out at the Service desk if needed. Library staff may be available to provide basic assistance and troubleshooting, but this service cannot be guaranteed. Groups are encouraged to make arrangements through Audio Visual Services if they anticipate the need for assistance. Audio Visual Services may be reached at 503.943.7774 or


Permission to use library spaces does not constitute endorsement of any event. 

Changes and cancellations to existing reservations should be made in writing to (for Library Conference Room and Parberry Room reservations), (for Library Classroom reservations), and with José Velazco (for Digital Lab Reservations). The library reserves the right to reschedule or cancel room reservations up to 3 days prior to the event.