Ordering Q&A

In order to meet the educational mission of the University and its library, the University of Portland Library collects materials in a variety of formats and maintains several collections, attempting to match format with departmental needs and ease of access. The library's Collection Development Policy Statement provides details on the collection's parameters.

Collection development at the University of Portland is a collaborative venture. Each school or department is assigned a librarian to function as liaison, with the primary responsibility for a host of collection development duties including working with departmental faculty, selection of materials, and monitoring of the library allocation for the discipline.

To whom do I send my request?

To allow librarians to review faculty and student needs, monitor budgets, and facilitate the order process faculty members are requested to send order requests directly to the assigned liaison.

How do I submit my request?

Printed lists, database printouts, publisher announcements or catalogs can be submitted, along with email and online requests.

What information is needed?

Requests should include:

  • the title requested
  • any additional publishing information available
  • the faculty member's name
  • any special instructions such as rush or place on reserve.

A rush order is expedited both within the library and by the library vendor and may result in additional charges.

What if I see a book at Powell's? Can I purchase it and be reimbursed?

For a variety of reasons, the library cannot reimburse for purchases made by faculty members. When orders go through our system we can make sure the title is not already on order or in the collection. By using library vendors we usually receive a discount that allows us to maximize the impact of our acquisitions budget.

If you have any questions, please contact your liaison or Christina Prucha, Head of Collection Services (503.943.7419, prucha@up.edu).

What if the material is out-of-print?

The library uses a number of out-of print dealers for books. We have been very successful at obtaining a number of out-of-print materials but can expect to pay more for these materials than original list price. Due to the fragility of media materials, we do not pursue purchase on the out-of-print market.

How will I know the order has been placed?

Once orders are placed, a record, searchable by author, title and subject is added to the library's online catalog. If you have questions please contact your liaison. The liaison will contact you if problems arise with the request or order.

How long does it take?

Books: it usually takes approximately 10 weeks to obtain the title and then add the book to our collection. Although we save money by using book vendors rather than going direct to the publisher, it can add time to the process.

Videos: We can usually obtain and catalog videos in a much shorter length of time, 3 to 4 weeks.

Journals: When ordering journals we strive to obtain the entire volume year. Sometimes we are able to get back issues, other times we must wait to begin receiving issues when the next volume year is begins.

What happens once the library receives the material?

The material is cataloged and processed, then added to the library's collection. If you requested rush service you will be notified and the material held at the main floor Service desk for one week.