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Study Rooms

Reserve a Study Room

About study rooms

  • Twenty study rooms are available for group use in the library
  • Students studying together are encouraged to use study rooms so that they are able to talk freely without disturbing others

Use of study rooms:

  • Study rooms are meant for group use (more than one student)
  • Students are welcome to use any study room that is unoccupied but should be aware that they may be asked to vacate the room if it has been reserved by another party or if a group needs accommodation in a study room
  • All study rooms have access to the wireless network and are equipped with whiteboards. Markers and erasers can be checked out at the Library Service Desk on the main floor
  • Nine study rooms are equipped with monitors for group viewing from a laptop. Adapters for connecting devices to the study room monitors and a DVD player are available for checkout at the Library Service Desk

Study room reservations:

  • Reserve a study room online
  • Study rooms must be reserved at least one hour in advance
  • Reservations can be made up to one month in advance
  • Reservations may only be made for groups of 2 (or more) students. For the reservation to remain valid, there must be at least 2 people using the room
  • Reservations are limited to a maximum of four hours
  • Reservations are canceled if the study room is not occupied within 15 minutes of the reservation's start time
  • Study rooms on the main and upper floors are open for use but cannot be reserved after midnight (when the library is open until 2:00 a.m.).

Location of study rooms:

  • There are 7 study rooms on the lower floor, 4 rooms on the main floor, and 9 rooms on the upper floor
The lower floor of the library is a designated quiet study area. Students reserving study rooms on this floor are asked to please keep disturbance to a minimum when entering and leaving study rooms.