2019 Library Survey Results

We continue to discuss survey responses and will use them to guide our work. Major themes we’ve identified and what we’ve done so far:

  • Provide more individual seating in the Library.
    • We agree! We’ve created more individual seating, especially on the quiet floor, and are studying the quiet-floor seating to learn how students are using it.

  • Provide more current print and electronic books.
  • You like our book displays celebrating diverse voices.
    • We welcome partners in developing our displays. Email us with your ideas! library@up.edu.

  • PilotsUP and Instagram are great ways to share Library info.
    • We are focusing our communication on the ways you like to receive it!
  • Offer more workshop topics in the Digital Lab!
    • We added Adobe AfterEffects and PowerPoint workshops this fall! Email workshop suggestions to: dlab@up.edu.

Results from the 2016 Clark Library Satisfaction Survey are also available.