Museum Collection Development Policy


The mission of the University of Portland Museum is to collect, curate, and make available to faculty, staff, students, alumni, and others, artifacts that help tell the historical story of the University of Portland.


The scope of the Museum Historical Collections is:

  • University of Portland History and Culture, and the University's Relationship to the Congregation of Holy Cross
    Materials that tell the story of the history and culture of the University of Portland from its earliest years through the present, and those related to the Congregation of Holy Cross and its influence in shaping the University of Portland.
  • University of Portland's Relationship to the Neighborhood
    Historical collections related to surrounding neighborhood communities in North Portland as well as the previous Methodist Church-sponsored Portland University
  • Rare and Exceptional Collections
    Materials purchased for the Museum or gifted to it which have sufficient historical, theological, legal, fiscal, developmental, or informational significance to warrant their long-term inclusion in the University Museum collections.

Types of Materials Collected

  • Artifacts: Historical, religious, educational, and cultural objects related to the University's history, the Congregation of Holy Cross, and the University area neighborhoods
  • Artwork: Selected artwork of or by present or past University of Portland community members or of the University of Portland.
  • Images: Photographs, slides, negatives, and digital images of University of Portland history, community, and University area neighborhoods
  • Printed or published items to support museum displays.


The Historical Collections of the University of Portland Museum are projected to remain limited, of high quality, and focused in the areas noted above. Collection size will be limited by adherence to quality and suitability standards and by the amount of physical space available to house and protect the collections appropriately.


Selection for additions to the University of Portland Museum will be based on collections scope as defined above in this policy. Specific collections additions will be made through donations to the University of Portland Museum. The Museum and the University of Portland welcome inquiries regarding gifts to the Museum Collection. For further information please contact Carolyn Piatz Connolly, Museum Coordinator at 503.943.8038 or; or University Development at 503.943.7395.


The Museum Collections of the University of Portland are meant to be a historical display for the University Community, alumni, and others.

The collections are limited to open supervised display. Use may be scheduled through the Museum. Selected Museum collections may be available for display in campus display cases or special event venues. Contact Carolyn Piatz Connolly, Museum Coordinator at 503.943.8038 or for information.

At the discretion of Museum personnel, special permission may be granted for temporary off-site use or display of items from the Museum Collections. For inquires, please contact Carolyn Piatz Connolly, Museum Coordinator at 503.943.8038, or; or Rev. Jeffrey Schneibel, C.S.C., University Archivist at 503.943.7116, or


To the extent possible, and with preservation as a priority, photo duplication and/or scanning of collection pages will be allowed.

Collection image digitization, with the goal of making University of Portland Museum Collections more accessible, will be considered as funding and demand dictate.

February 19, 2013


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