Clark Library Exhibits Information and Criteria | University of Portland

Clark Library Exhibits Information and Criteria

The primary purpose of exhibits in the Clark Library is to showcase the creativity of the University of Portland students, faculty, and staff, the diversity of the scholarship and culture on our campus, and the history of the University. The Clark Library is committed to presenting diverse points of view and to the principles of academic freedom.

The following information applies solely to the Dr. James T. Covert Gallery. Requests to display materials in other areas will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Proposing an Exhibit

To propose an exhibit, please complete the exhibit proposal form. Proposals will be reviewed as they are received and the Library reserves the right to refuse exhibits. Advance notice of at least one month is required. The Dean of the Library will make the final determination about all exhibits.

Exhibit Space Information

We have three small and two large exhibit cases available.  The interior case dimensions are as follows.

  • 2 small cases sized 20" x 20" x 20"H
  • 1 small case sized 19.25" x 19.25" x 23.75"H
  • 2 large cases sized 42"L x 20"D x 20"H

Dimensions for the Gallery:

  • Left Wall: 20' 8.5" long x 7' 6" high
  • Left Protruding Wall: 5' 8.5" long x 7' 3" high (height to picture rail)
  • Right Wall: 11' 5.5" long x 7' high
  • Right Protruding Wall: 5' 8.5" long x 7' high (height to picture rail)

The Library has 11 frames sized 11" x 14" (16" x 20" unmatted) that we can provide.

Exhibit Content Guidelines

Exhibits are selected based on:

  • Connection to the University’s mission or curriculum
  • Timeliness to current and campus events
  • Relation of materials to the campus and wider community
  • Scheduling constraints. Proposed exhibitions must fit into the exhibit planning calendar.
  • Quality and aesthetic value

Exhibit Process Guidelines

Once a proposal is accepted, the exhibit curator must:

  • Review and complete the Exhibit Policy and Agreement Form and submit to the Dean of the Library (
  • Provide frames for hanging, if materials do not fit in the library-provided frames.
  • Provide accurate and appropriate descriptive annotations and acknowledgements for materials, for creation of wall labels, and provide accurate citations for all content used in creating exhibit descriptions.
  • Ensure that exhibit materials will not damage or otherwise endanger the condition of display cases/walls or other library fixtures. Additionally, exhibits may not compromise our users’ access to collections or services or otherwise disrupt or harm the facility, collections, or visitors.
  • Ensure that all appropriate permissions have been received to display the materials.
  • Receive explicit permission to include any fragile, rare, unique, or otherwise extremely vulnerable materials.