Dr. James T. Covert Gallery


James Covert

Thanks to a generous donation from the Covert family, the Clark Library has dedicated a gallery space in honor of Dr. James T. Covert. Dr. Covert had a long and influential career on the Bluff starting as an undergraduate from 1955 to 1959, then a history professor from 1961 to 1997, and as the founder and first director of the University Museum. Documenting and preserving the University's history was one of Dr. Covert's passions. He authored A Point of Pride: The University of Portland Story and was further inspired to collect and preserve University-related artifacts including mascot heads, student nurse uniforms, and letterman sweaters.

The gallery space is also furnished with unique seating that sets it apart from the rest of the building.  


Exhibits showcase the history of the University and the scholarship and creativity of University of Portland students, faculty, and staff. There are four to five exhibits per year and proposals are welcome (see Exhibits Information and Criteria).

2020 Exhibits

January - March: Running Through Time: Track and Field at the University of Portland

March - December: Gallery exhibits are on hiatus

2019 Exhibits

January - March: UP Women’s Basketball: A Look Back

March - August: Clark Library Juried Photo Contest

August - October: Through Kaleidoscope Eyes

October - December: Down Around the Corner

2018 Exhibits

Covert Gallery Space

January - February: The Early Years of UP Nursing

March - April: From Page to Production

May - August: Perspectives

September - October: Celebrating the Clark Library

October - December: Dr. James T. Covert 

2017 Exhibits

August - September: Remembering Howard Hall

October - December: Searching for Homunculus