Noise Policy | University of Portland

Noise Policy

The library provides a combination of quiet study spaces, group study rooms, collaborative work areas, and public services areas. The lower floor is designated for quiet study only. The main floor and upper floor can be used for collaborative work and may become noisier. The library's main floor Service Desk is also an active and busy area.

Students are asked to be considerate of others in the library and to follow the policies of the Student Handbook.

All library patrons are encouraged to read the guidelines below:

Quiet Study: Lower floor

  • No cell phone conversations. Ringers and alerts are silenced or muted.
  • No loud or prolonged talking
  • Quiet keyboarding
  • Audio played at low volume with headphones (headphones available from the Service Desk)
  • No group study (except in group study rooms)
  • Group study rooms are not soundproof; groups entering and leaving should keep disruption to a minimum.

Collaborative Study: Main floor and Upper floor

  • Groups working in open areas should strive to keep the volume level of conversations down and use "indoor voices." Architecturally, sounds carry easily through the main and upper floors.
  • Long and animated personal conversations should move to a group study room or outside the building.
  • Cell phones should be muted or set to vibrate. Loud or long phone conversations should move to the library entryway or outside the building.